Animal Tales

Once on an auspicious day there was a fair feral rabbit and a robust rambunctious flamingo. They used to hang out together at the side of a rather rancid lake in a little lemon ranch house that they both co-owned. Life was one lazy lull day after another and if you asked them, they would […]

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Dry Cleaning

The farthest thing from being focused. His mind. The farthest thing from being focused was his mind. His mind was the farthest thing from being focused. His palms were sweaty. Knees weak. Arms heavy. Then what was it? Something about spaghetti? He hadn’t had lunch this afternoon. He wasn’t much into Italian food. What was […]

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She was at Bob’s Burger Joint. Cynthia tapped her fingers against the tabletop impatiently. She stopped when she realized how greasy it was. Didn’t they ever clean this place? No she decided from the stains on all the wait staff uniforms and the unspeakable grey accumulating between the floor tiles. She glanced at her watch. He was late. […]



The kid held the pencil between her thumb and index finger and wobbled it about. “Is the pencil straight or is it curved ,” she asked.

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